Nautical Charts Inspire a Classic Maryland Wedding

Nautical Charts Inspire a Classic Maryland Wedding


I have so many words for this wedding. Yet, as I sit here and tap the letters into the keypad I can’t seem to find the perfect words.  The beauty of these designs are beyond the words I am seeing to describe them. So, instead of filling the page with a series of “flowery” text I am just going to show you.  As you look at these images keep in mind that the couple and I met only once and the inspiration given was broad.  The couple wanted the wedding to appear as though it had been inspired by vintage nautical charts while still being classic.  This was a challenge that I met with excitement and  enthusiasm.





Best Bouquet

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Even the snacks were stylish

Romantic Maryland Barn Wedding designed by Wedding Planner Sara Reynolds

Romantic Maryland Barn Wedding designed by Wedding Planner Sara Reynolds

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There is so much beauty in the mix of rustic barn charm and the elegance of soft Garden Roses, Ranunculus and robust summer blooms.  This is a delicate balance that is best achieved in the hands of a savvy wedding planner such as Sara Reynolds. She took the environment and enhanced it with this selection of beautiful blooms and accent decor. Although, this wedding was our first together I am already dreaming of our next wedding collaboration.  I feel that I do my best when paired with a wedding planner like Sara.

CiminoWedding-Vendors_0007 CiminoWedding-Vendors_0012 CiminoWedding-Vendors_0024

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CiminoWedding-Vendors_0038 CiminoWedding-Vendors_0039 CiminoWedding-Vendors_0044 CiminoWedding-Vendors_0048 CiminoWedding-Vendors_0081 CiminoWedding-Vendors_0122

Venue: Private

Planner: Sara Reynolds

Photography: Brittany Thomas Photography

Florals: Intrigue Design and Decor

Cake: Kupcakes & Co. 

Rentals: Go Event Pro

Today is Thursday…

Today, is Thursday and it is wedding season. Across the globe wedding florists much like me are up before the sun crests to relax and gather their thoughts before heading to their workshops, studios and design floors where they will settle in for a day of floral production.


Today they will chop thousands of stems and design hundreds of arrangements before packing them neatly for travel and stashing them in their coolers assuring that each piece arrives on wedding day in perfect condition. They will sweep floors, scrub buckets and twirl through more ribbon than one can fathom. All of this hardwork is done with just a few short breaks and long tedious  hours. The designers that are strong enough to make it through epic design days like today are truly committed to their craft.
They live to design and today’s schedule is seen as a wonderful challenge rather than a daunting task. These individuals are truly remarkable and I am honored to be part of this passionate group of flower loving people. Here’s to my flower friends. “May your day be full of flowering beauty and your hearts be full of excitement”


Photography by: taken during an Intrigue workshop

Pretty Peony in the Peach Orchard

Pretty Peony in the Peach Orchard


I love the warmth and charm of a wedding on a warm summer day.  This collaboration with Kari Rider Events on Maryland’s Eastern Shore has just the charm I dream of with peaches plucked fresh from the orchard and casual details nestled neatly beneath the trees.

Peach_034 Peach_079


Peach_097 Peonies are the perfect leading bloom for a summer wedding and with the amazing blooms coming from our Alaskan farm friends we are able to have these robust blooms well into July and August giving us what feels like year round access to these decadent blossoms that have become the most requested flower for weddings and romantic events.

Peach_110 Peach_176



Photography: Laura’s Focus Photography
Design & Styling:Kari Rider Events
Venue: Blades Orchard
Florist: Intrigue Design & Décor
Rentals: DC Rental
Farm Table: Vintage Affairs
Vintage Sofa & Cake Table: XOXO Vintage
Models: Olivia Reed & Patrick Bryant
Bridal Gowns: Amsale and Christos via Garnish Boutique
Groom’s Attire: Capital Custom Clothiers
Hair and Makeup: Alison Harper & Company
Invitation and Stationery: Cara Smith Designs
Cake & Tarts: Bay Country Bakery
Jewelry: Kyle Edward Fine Jewelry

Pricing & Budgeting for wedding florists


Let’s talk pricing this evening. Pricing has been a consistent challenge for both brides and grooms looking to hire a wedding florist and has equally been a challenge for designers looking to set a fair price. First, let’s touch on the couple that is planning a wedding. Remember this is most likely the largest floral purchase you have ever made and it is normal not to know exactly what to expect. It is normal to not know how much of your overall wedding budget to allot to get the look you want. It is also normal to think that going about shopping for a florist is similar to shopping for other wedding professionals. This could not be further from truth. A wedding florist is an artist and hiring the right designer for your wedding is more like commissioning a painting. My friend at Amy Nicole Floral  said it best when she said “As with art not all floral work is created equal. You can give the exact same ingredients to 5 different floral designers and all finished products will all be very different. You are not just paying for ingredients placed in a vase but for the florists unique approach, vision, technique, design, etc. The way a florist preps a vase matters, the selection of materials matters, how much greenery matters, the way its artfully created matters, it is all a custom, unique creation which is what each florist is truly charging for.” This means that attempting to meet with florist after florist to compare pricing is frustrating and often feels like a waste of time. There are no guidelines to follow or even a standard price structure to set expectations. So then…. How do you as a couple find the “best price”?


Trusting the floral designer you select is actually the most important part of the process in finding the “best price” and has been something I have said many times. Finding the designer that is the best fit for you is when you find the “best price” for you. The “best price” does not mean it is the lowest price.  You will find that designers that love what they do are not looking to rip you off or charge more because your event  is a wedding. Because these designers love what they do they are looking to make your wedding the absolute best it can be and are looking for ways to maximize your investment and get you the most flowers they can for your budget. To identify your floral budget I suggest starting with a phone call and sharing the details of your dream wedding to your florist and allow the designer to help guide your budget. Keep in mind if flowers are priority to you in your overall wedding design they also need to take priority when setting your budget. The reality is the inspiration most brides and grooms bring from Pinterest, magazines and blogs is often well over the budget that couples expect (remember you haven’t done this before and it’s okay not to know). Your designer knows and expects you to be surprised when you hear the estimated cost for the dream wedding you have shared with him/her. Don’t feel foolish or embarrassed when you are caught by surprise by the cost. It is a natural process that designers work through daily. Your designer wants to see your dream come to life as much as you want it. Once you have caught your breath after the “sticker shock” talk through the ideas with your florist. When you know and trust the designer’s work you can also trust that he/she will guide you in the right direction.


Okay, so now it is time to focus on the designers looking to assign the “right price”. The challenge here begins with the fact that most florists and designers are creatives and often want to create so badly they are eager to give their services away just to have the opportunity to design. Although, you have to appreciate the heart behind this thought process it is not a way to sustain business. If designers are not charging enough to cover the basic expenses they will not be in business very long. If designers do not charge enough to earn a profit they will quickly become burned out and will have no interest in designing your wedding. That is the last thing you want. A burnt out designer is not a good designer and can not produce the same caliber of work as when he/she is inspired. You want your florist to be both passionate and profitable to assure the best experience and this is why I stated above that the “best price” is not always the “lowest price” . The majority of florists will charge a standard 3x mark-up on the cost of the wholesale flowers. This is pretty standard across the United States. What comes in as a variable is the labor and design costs associated with the business you are booking. Each designer having a different expense level and a different style will have to set different price points to assure they maintain a sustainable business. These expenses may include things like the cost of a cooler to assure each of those blooms is perfectly fresh, the cost of travel and workshops to assure that the designs are current and do not appear dated, the cost of employees and contractors and even the cost of an occasional outing to keep the design team motivated. There are many factors that go into the prices that need to be assigned. This is why florists and designers do not “price match”. It doesn’t make sense to match pricing based on someone else’s expenses. Comparison shopping only works well when you have a manufactured product that is the same every time. – I hope these words helped shed some light on this age old challenge of the “best price”.

(Credits for images used in this post)

Elizabeth Fogarty Photography (photography)

Intrigue Designs & Decor (florals)

Amie Decker Beauty(makeup)

 Jewel Hair Design (hair)

Hannelore’s Bridal (gown)

 Capital Custom Clothiers (tux)

 Marigold & Grey(welcome basket)

 White Glove Rentals (vintage rentals),

Select Event Group (linens)

 Fluffy Thoughts (cake)

Splotch & Line (paperie)

 Trumpet and Horn (ring)

Hair Comes the Bride (accesories)

 Diana Gibbs (harpist)

 Sara Gabriel Veiling and Headpieces (veil)

 Vintage Limos Biz (Rolls Royce)

The Artist Agency (Models)

Intrigued Experience – More than I expected

Intrigued Experience – More than I expected


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A year ago when I dreamed up this conference I had no idea it would change the lives of so many in such a powerful way.  Thank you to each and every one of you for being part of this event and this movement to build community within the floral industry.  In order to achieve success we truly need the support, guidance and friendship of our flower friends.  It is these friends that know and understand the struggles we face and the challenges that come with being a florist in the wedding industry. This conference brings these friends together in a way that has never been done before.

Join us in February 2017 for this business changing and life changing floral conference. Tickets available at

(Photo by Madison Short Photography)