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My flower obsession means that I look for creative ways to add flowers to each space. As an artist I pride myself in creating new designs for each wedding and never repeating. Your wedding will be designed unique to you.

I am obsessed with flowers.

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Glamour and Grace in Annapolis


Classic Annapolitan Charm 

the knot

The Big Flower Fight




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All pricing is custom and based on your design ideas. On average this ranges from $15,000 - $30,000 with more elaborate events running upwards of $100,000  (On a more conservative budget? Visit our sister company

The first step in securing my design services for your wedding is reaching out by email. ( You will want to include your wedding date, your venue details along with LOTS of inspiration. A link to your Pinterest Board is best. the more visual inspiration you give me the more amazing designs I can dream up. It all starts with a touch of inspiration.

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The moment I received the first email from Jeny I knew she was a fit. Her email showcased her love for flowers and it was clear that this was priority in her wedding design. This excitement for flowers carried over on her wedding day. My favorite moment working with Jeny was a late night text with a playful video of her gathering up blooms to bring home. I love what I do and love it even more when I am working with brides (or grooms) like Jeny.

"People still haven't stopped talking about our wedding flowers."

Jeny Cope

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"We are just blown away by your artistry & attention to detail."

Heather & John

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Annapolis - Baltimore - DC  Eastern Shore

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Follow allong with all the behind the scenes adventures as we tour the country teaching our designs and as we bring beautiful weddings to life with flowers.